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Some 26 years ago I left the radio station WOOW with a check in my pocket for 180.00, of which I handed over to my potential landlord, Atty. Lanier, informing him that I did not have the first months rent for the office, but I would pay the balance in the near future.

At that time my vehicle was not running and Commissioner Melvin Mclawhorn had to offer me a ride home and I had a son on the way.  Pitt Co. Commissioner Mclawhorn just encouraged me to keep my head up as he gave me a lift.

That Monday my first client was Will Rogers Carpet & Rugs who paid me for the entire year.  That was the nexus of my financing for the newspapers that has endured over 26+ years. There were many angels along the way, including the late great Rev. Randy Royal, who was a tremendous supporter; the late great Rev, Herb Gardner, who was a great supporter and source of inspiration; there was also King Gardner, Judge Martin, Atty’s Mark Owens, Jr. and Atty. Mark Owens III, Rev. David L. Moore, and of course the man that took a chance on me, Jim Rouse, owner of The Minority Voice and radio station WOOW. The list is too long to name everyone, but I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support as a helping hand goes a long, long way.

Roger P. Johnson Publisher / Daily Drum & Carolina Today

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