Entrepreneurship bootcamp starts this month

Do you have what you need and what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
Serial entrepreneur and owner of …

Do you have what you need and what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Serial entrepreneur and owner of Small Shops Marketplace and TradeIt, Fred George, has agreed to help you find out! Join us for the Entrepreneurship bootcamp that kicks off Tuesday, September 7th.

This no cost 8-week series is available on a class by class basis. Attending all of the classes is not required, but highly recommended. Each class will be held at the Rocky Mount Mills from 6 pm–7:30 pm. More information will be provided upon registration.

September 7, 2021 – Think Like a Businessman

The reason that some people seem to be able to open business after business while others are sitting on the sidelines year after year is primarily due to successful entrepreneurs having a powerful, success oriented mindset. Learn to think your way to success and to use that 3 pound supercomputer to overcome all obstacles. We will focus heavily on Ready – fire- aim business philosophy and action oriented strategies

September 14, 2021- How to Choose a Business

Choosing the correct business is vital to success. Following what you are passionate about and/or what you know can be important, as can future growth opportunities and competitive factors. Learn how to choose a business sector as well as a niche within that market and how to spot marketing and positioning opportunities and how to exploit opportunities by attacking the smallest viable market. We will also talk briefly about the benefits and pitfalls of purchasing an existing business.

September 21, 2021- Focus is Key in Business

A laser uses a common 110 current, the same as your toaster, and can still cut easily through flesh and bone, while the sun, with the power of 91 billion nuclear bombs per second, is nearly harmless. THAT is the power of focus. Learn to focus your energies to achieve your goals, and how peak performance can be achieved from avoiding time wasters, focusing on a goal and utilizing every advantage to seize and exploit opportunities. Focus includes focused goals and targets, as well as focusing your time through effective time management.

September 28,2021- Start-up Money and How to Get it

One of the reasons given by “want-repreneurs’ ‘ for sitting on the sidelines is that they cannot get the money needed to get their business started. There are a myriad of successful strategies and tactics for getting your business off the ground without having lots of money. Starting small (what silicon valley calls “minimum viable product”), bootstrapping, using shoe stringing techniques to lower your initial cost, social media, crowdfunding, loans, grants, investors, etc are all used successfully all over the USA. Learn when and how to use these sources for business funding.

October 5, 2021- Writing a Business Plan

A business plan is always needed as it helps an entrepreneur to account for all costs, plan their time, set goals, and ask others for advice. If you are seeking a loan or an investor you will most likely need a more polished business plan. Learn how and when to use the two basic types of business plan and work on your own business plan.

October 12, 2021: Get Started Now!

What did you do TODAY to progress toward your goal of business ownership? What did you do last week? Last month? Are you cheating yourself and those who depend on you by failing to do enough to make your goals a reality? This lesson answers the questions: “How do I get started?” “When do I get started?” “What do I do first?” and “How much should I be doing right now?”

October 19, 2021: Basics of Forming a Business

No one likes paperwork, but to be in business requires some basic paperwork. In this module we will discuss the basic decisions that need to be made and tasks that must be done including: Decide on a legal structure (C Corp, S Corp, LLC, Partnership, or Sole proprietorship.) Decide on a name, register the business with the state, open a sales tax account with NCDOR, choose a location (home based, leased space, purchased space), how to negotiate a lease with an eye towards risk mitigation, benefit maximization, rate, term, option periods, lease structure and terms, and decide on your accounting system (accounting software or hire a bookkeeper), decide on an accountant, etc.


Now that you have the basics down, you need a plan and checklist to grow your business from what it

is now to the business that you dream of. This week we talk about how to use all that you have learned

over the last 7 weeks to continue to grow as an entrepreneur so that you grow your business.

For more information or to register visit www.nashcc.edu/sbc or contact Tierra Norwood at


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