White House announces plan to improve infrastructure permitting

The White House on Wednesday announced a new permitting plan for projects funded by the national infrastructure law to make sure the work is transparent, environmentally positive and benefits the community.

The Permitting Action Plan, the White House said, will strengthen and accelerate federal permitting and environmental reviews.

“Taken together, these new steps will help strengthen supply chains, lower costs for families, grow our clean energy economy, revitalize communities across the country, support good-paying jobs and deliver infrastructure investments on task, on time and on budget without unnecessary bureaucratic delay,” the White House said in a statement.

The plan calls for establishing clear timeline goals and tracking key project information, engaging in early and meaningful outreach and communication with states, making agencies more accountable for the progress while making sure they have the resources to quickly do environmental reviews.

“Long overdue improvements to our nation’s ports, airports, rail and roads will help ease inflationary pressures, create conditions for businesses to thrive and strengthen supply chains — which will ultimately lower costs for families,” the White House said.

“Building new clean energy generation and transmission projects will improve access to affordable clean energy that powers homes and businesses at lower costs. Responsible and sustainable domestic sourcing of critical minerals and materials will power our clean energy economy and reduce reliance on unreliable foreign supply chains.”

Biden signed the $1.2 trillion bill in November.

Wednesday’s announcement continues a drumbeat of reports issued by the White House during the midterm primary season as the administration tries to keep its top legislative accomplishment on top of voter’s minds.

In recent weeks, Biden has traveled around the country to sell the infrastructure plan.

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