NRCC Backs Candidate Accused Multiple Times of Domestic Violence

The NRCC will stoop to any low to install their candidates in office – including openly backing candidates that have been credibly accused of domestic violence.

The NRCC quietly added Sandy Smith (NC-01) to their list of backed candidates two months after she won her primary, despite her allegedly being physically abusive towards three family members, including her teenage daughter.

The NRCC has so far refused to comment on newly reported details about Sandy Smith’s violent behavior, but they must explain why they believe this person should be in Congress:

Smith’s daughter said she was “assaulted by my mom” on “multiple occasions,” explaining that Smith “pushed and shoved me, she slapped me, pulled my hair, pulled me to the ground and sat on me. She held me down by my hair and punched me in the face with a closed fist.”

Smith’s daughter “described her home life as an escalating nightmare. She was ‘constantly’ called a ‘sl*t, b***h, c**t,’ and other slurs. She’d been kicked out and had run away.”

Smith’s daughter “wrote that the Department of Social Services had been called to her Kinston, North Carolina, home three times, and sheriff’s deputies nine times.”

Smith’s daughter “was the third person to accuse Sandy Smith of domestic violence. Her father and former stepfather have also said Smith assaulted them.”

One of Smith’s ex-husbands said she “bashed his head with an alarm clock while he was sleeping, bloodying his face. He said in an interview that the alleged attack was retaliation for intervening when he saw Smith drag her daughter by the hair across their Seattle-area house.”

Smith’s first husband “has told WRAL and The Carolina Journal that Smith tried to run him over with his Mustang while they were married.”

“The NRCC believes that someone who allegedly physically abused her teenage daughter should be in Congress,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “It’s disgusting, it’s immoral, and they owe North Carolinians an explanation as to why they are backing Sandy Smith’s candidacy instead of calling on her to drop out.”

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